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Re-spect.  A feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way


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Why choose Black Skull Tactical Applications?

Here at BSTA, cadre and students work together as a team to accomplish training objectives in a mature, safe, and enjoyable training atmosphere -for all student groups and ability levels. We love to train people, and it shows.

The BST approach is to first understand your individual or collective training needs, then work to provide you the skills you need to be consistent and successful. From basic marksmanship to home defense, to advanced, realistic training, our associates are also experts capable of assisting you in developing training guidelines and methodology for you, your family or your team. Proficiency, Efficiency, Lethality.

About Us

After serving in United States military for 25 years; I have accumulated a great deal of tactical knowledge & real world experience. With assignments that include US Army Airborne, US Army Ranger and the US Army Special Forces; these skills, and lessons learned that are tried and true. With 7 years of my career committed to teaching fellow Soldiers, Coalition forces, Law-Enforcement and Civilians. As an Army Instructor I have held positions in multiple army schools to include US Army Airborne Instructor, Infantry Officer Instructor, Special Forces Instructor and Shooting Instructor for the Asymmetric Warfare Group-Combat Application Training Course (CATC).

  • Service Time

    Time in service spans over 25 years of active and reserve duty with over 16 years in Special Operations.

  • Apart Of

    Proud member of the 75th Rangers Regiment, Special Forces and a lifetime member of the NRA.

  • Worked With

    The Department of Defense, Department of State, Federal and Local Law Enforcement, Foreign Governments officials, Ministry of Defense and Soldiers for around the world.

  • Travel Experience

    Worked and deployed in almost a 25 countries including Europe, Central and South America Africa, Middle East and Asia.

What others say about us

In the last 25 years of my combined military and civilian firearms experience, I have yet to come across an instructor as competent as Clint Hoover. He has an uncanny ability to intuitively assess the abilities of the students and move at exactly the correct pace for the chosen audience. His teaching technique reveal many years of proven field experience and students at any tactical level can gain much from time spent with Clint at Black Skull Tactical Applications. You can either learn little from the internet from the comfort of your armchair, or spend a few days with Clint and change your tactical perception for your lifetime.
David Rooney

David RooneyOwner at Tactical Rifles, Inc.Tactical Rifles Inc.

Clint, my compliments to you and Black Skull Tactical on the Tactical Carbine training you provided at Bold Quest 13. As an instructor you are a consummate professional, the training was vastly educational and dynamic. In a short time you were able to take a large group of guys and begin to undo the “Static Range” approach to marksmanship the military has taken for decades. Combat is a dynamic environment. If we fight the way we train, then we need to take a more functional approach to marksmanship training as well. Many of those soldiers get it now. I think you have, not only, provided great training for today’s Soldiers, but, you have also laid a foundation for our future leadership to provide the best training for their Soldiers…

SGT. Jim Moore

Clint provided instruction to my son, 19, on carbine handling, operation, tactics, and maintenance. He has extensive real world military experience matched with great instructional ability – Clint immediately adjusted the content to my son’s prior experience. The focus is on safety first, without compromise or cutting corners. From there, Clint is able to move the student forward at a rapid pace. I was very impressed with the balance of theory, tactics, operation, and wisdom delivered with a spirit of integrity, honesty and humility – and at very reasonable rates.

Keith Brown

Mike and I had about 5 hours total experience handling pistols when we attended private lessons with Black Skull Tactical. The training we received was customized perfectly for our beginner level of experience. I was a little anxious leading up to the lessons because I felt pretty inadequate with my abilities. Both Mike and I appreciate that you worked with us at our own level and did not pressure us beyond our comfort level. Both of us learned a great deal and now plan on continuing building our skills with the knowledge we received. We look forward to practicing the skills you taught us and we hope to work with you again soon.

Mike & Stephanie Granger