Clint entered the U.S. Army in 1987. After completing Basic Training, Advanced Individual Training, Airborne school and the Ranger Indoctrination Program, he was awarded his Ranger Beret, Ranger Scroll and served as a Special Operations Combat Medic with the 1st Bn. 75th Ranger Regiment. He was primarily responsible for providing emergency medical treatment and evacuation to his fellow Rangers. His special assignments also included serving as a medic for a Battalion Combat Observation Lasing Team (COLT) and the Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) team. Most of his warrior skills would derive from this premier Special Operations light Infantry unit; while focusing on Small unit tactics, Emergency field medical concepts and Ranger Operations. Due to Clint’s expertise, he was chosen to be a Task-Force medic for Operation BAT (Bahamas, Turks and Caicos), a joint Counter-Narcotic Interdiction unit. Operation BAT conducted counter drug smuggling operations, human smuggling and search and rescue with the US Drug Enforcement Agency, US Coast Guard, and Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) in the Caribbean Islands AOR.

Soon after, Clint successfully graduated from the John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, and was awarded his Green Beret; he was assigned to an Operational Detachment-Alpha. He deployed for operations in SOCSOUTH in support of Operation Joint Task Force-Bravo (JTF-B) with 20th Special Forces Group. Upon returning to active duty, Clint was assigned to USAJFKSWCS as a SF qualification course Instructor. There he mentored and instructed future Special Forces soldiers. His follow on assignment would be with an Operational Detachment-Alpha in 3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group and his duty positions included Junior and Senior Weapons Sergeant, and Special Forces company assistant operations sergeant. Clint deployed to numerous states and military installations within the Continental United States, twenty-two countries in Central America, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia and operations in the Middle East. Clint supervised pre-deployment site surveys teams, advanced party teams, Joint Combined Exchange Training, medical missions, US Embassy Liaison, Personal Security Detail (PSD) and Joint Special Operations training. He worked directly with Foreign Government, Military & Law-Enforcement Officials in support of national interests and combat operations.

 Once again due to his achievements, Clint was selected to instruct as a Primary Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Combat Applications Training Course (CATC), the Combat Applications Training Course is a Marksmanship Strategies and Standards course instructed by the United States Asymmetric Warfare Groups; Clint was responsible for training Senior Leaders, Drill Instructors, NCOA and Deploying FORCOM units in Close Quarters Marksmanship (CQM) & Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Techniques. He was then called upon to become a Weapons Acquisition Branch NCOIC, who gave critical insight into the development and integration of materiel efforts for legacy and revolutionary weapon systems for the US Army. His area of knowledge focused on all weapons: 9mm, 5.56, 7.62, .50 cal and 40mm high and low velocity rounds.

Altogether Clint Hoover served twenty-five years in the US Army and retired from active duty in Dec. 2012. 

Clint is a master of all levels of Combat Marksmanship. His skills include: Training beginner, intermediate and advanced tactical shooting, Security, Survival, Unconventional Warfare concepts, Direct Action, Counter-Terrorism. Clint has developed a training methodology that is safe, effective and combat relevant, and encourages a continuous thought process. He is highly capable of training others how to maintain safety at all times at a realistic level for the student skill set and experience, as well as giving courses covering several categories, which cover individual, collective, on line and standards.

Black Skull Tactical Applications has been in operation for over 3 years with great success.  Derived from Outcome Based Training and Education application of divergent strategies, tactics, capabilities, and approaches are used to circumvent or negate an opponent’s strengths, while exploiting their weaknesses. Clint’s training programs revolve around 25 years of military training and a Special Operations background.

His military education includes:

  • Basic Airborne Course (P)
  • Air Assault Course (2B)
  • Combat Medical Course (91B)
  • Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP)
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
  • Pre-Ranger Course (75th PRC)
  • Primary Leader Development Course (PLDC)
  • Pre-Special Forces Assessment and Selection course
  • Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course (SFAS)
  • Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC)
  • Special Forces Weapons Sergeant Course (18B)
  • Special Warfare Center language: Spanish (1+1+), working knowledge in Russian and Korean
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Training
  • Accelerated Free Fall certification (AFF)
  • Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction System (SPIES) Master course
  • Fast-Rope Insertion/Extraction System (FRIES) Master course
  • Water Infiltration Course (WIC)
  • Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat (SFAUC)
  • Total Army Instructor Training Course (TAITC)
  • Asymmetric Warfare Groups (Combat Applications Training )Phase I, Close Quarters Marksman
  • Asymmetric Warfare Groups (Combat Applications Training)Phase II, Close Quarter Battle
  • Squad Designated Marksmanship (SDM) Instructor Course (AMU)
  • Special Operations Target Interdiction (SOTIC MTT 3rd SFG)
  • Certified Anti-Terrorism (level II Instructor course)
  •  Intelligence in Combating Terrorism (ICT) Course (Fort Huachuca)
  • Open Water Diver certification (PADI)
  • Grace Ground Combatives (Train-the-trainer)
  • L.I.N.E.S. Combatives (Train-the-trainer)
  • Army Combatives (Level I & II Course)
  • Combat Lifesaver Course
  • Range Safety Officer (RSO)
  • Ammunition Hander Course
  • Hazardous Materials Training course (HasMat)
  • Colt Company Armorer Course
  • Glock Pistol Armorer Course
  • Foreign parachutist: Australian, Mali, German, Kuwait, New Zealand, Jordan and Swaziland

Green Beret Foundation

Special Forces Association

75th Ranger Regiment Association

Life Time Member National Rifleman’s Association

Jason Chapman, Guest Instructor


I have two Decades of experience conducting military operations, Unconventional Warfare, CI operations, HUMINT operation, Foreign Internal Defense (FID), and Direct Acton in the Middle East.  During this time I have had the distinct opportunity to train several premiere SOF forces around the world, Law enforcement organizations, and civilian security personnel.