Basic Armorer & Operation, Accessorizing & Maintain the AR-15 course

AR15-7-1Ok …You purchased an AR-15; Learn from a veteran Special Forces Weapons Sergeant how it operates, learn to identify of all the parts, and how to properly clean and keep you AR-15 for optimal functioning shape. In this class you will also learn accessories and setting up your AR for optimal capability for your requirement. Including, stocks, slings, sights, optics, magazines, cleaning kits and much more. This is not a shooting course; this is classroom presentation only with hands on application.

Topics covered:
• Names of all the parts of the rifle
• How the rifle mechanically operates
• AR dis-assembly
• Most common points of wear/failure
• Parts replacement
• Cleaning the rifle
• AR assembly
• Cleaning tools and products
• Proper lubrication

Methods of instruction: Classroom Instruction/Hands on with your AR rifle

Time of course: 4 Hrs

Prerequisite: None

Minimum number of students needed to run class: 8-15

Course Cost: $100.00 deposit upon enrollment. This includes a certificate of completion. Instructor is a Certified Colt Armorer.

Need a minimum of 8 people to run this course….go to the link and secure your spot. I will confirm course will run on the 25th March. I will need deposit asap to confirm class and payment in full before class starts. if you have any problem let us know; to work it out. So tell your friends. BSTA

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