Black Skull Tactical Applications in conjunction with INFORCE Tactical lights Low-Light Pistol Operator

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Black Skull Tactical Applications in conjunction with INFORCE Tactical lights Low-Light Pistol Operator

Course Date: Sat. 12th April 2014

Course description:  This course is designed for the intermediate and advanced pistol shooter who wishes to develop Low-Light reflexive pistol handling skills, and shooter confidence in tactical low-light scenario. This course also provides shooters with a clear understanding of their individual abilities with their pistol and tactical light during the hours of limited visibility.  Not only will you master new shooting skills, but you will also learn basic troubleshooting without the uses of visual abilities. We will also discuss sights, lights selection and holsters.  Prerequisites: Mil/LE background or a accredited Level I Pistol Course.

INFORCE Tactical Light Company will be Co-Sponsoring this event and will be on hand to give a Demo on INFORCE lights capabilities and provide lights for students to test

Course Schedule (6hrs or UTC)

  • ·         Safety /Range Brief
  • ·         Warm up shoot/Equipment set up
  • ·         Light Selection/INFORCE Demo
  • ·         Fundamentals refresher
  • ·         Weapons Presentation
  • ·         Shooting drills
  • ·         Malfunctions correction
  • ·         Barrier shooting
  • ·         Scenarios
  • ·         Skills Comp
  • ·         AAR/Range clean

Instructors are SOF Operators and tactics are derived from the US Army SOCOM community this will be an interesting training event based on self discovery in a relaxed and open forum covering all your questions.

Ammunition Requirements: 300 rounds (Minimum)

Gear: Pistol, holster, three high capacity (15rds) magazines or six low capacity (7-8 rds), magazine holder, belt, flashlight, flashlight holder, clear wraparound ballistic eye protection, ear protection, weapons cleaning kit, rain gear, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions and a water bottle or other hydration system. Knee and elbow pads are strongly recommended.

Method: Classroom and practical application on the ranges.

Skill Prerequisites: None

Number of attendees: 15-to-20

Duration: 1 day (this means 6hrs on day of event 1800-1100 hrs.) summer season times.

Course Location: Russell County Sheriff Dept. Training Facility. Columbus GA/Ft Benning. (attendees will receive map).

Course Cost: $150.00 deposit upon enrollment. This includes a certificate of completion.

Location: Columbus/Ft. Benning GA area. Russell County Sheriff training facility. Across from Uchee Creek Campground and Marina.

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