Basic Armorer & Operation, Accessorizing & Maintain the AR-15 course

AR15-7-1Ok …You purchased an AR-15; Learn from a veteran Special Forces Weapons Sergeant how it operates, learn to identify of all the parts, and how to properly clean and keep you AR-15 for optimal functioning shape. In this class you will also learn accessories and setting up your AR for optimal capability for your requirement. Including, stocks, slings, sights, optics, magazines, cleaning kits and much more. This is not a shooting course; this is classroom presentation only with hands on application.

Topics covered:
• Names of all the parts of the rifle
• How the rifle mechanically operates
• AR dis-assembly
• Most common points of wear/failure
• Parts replacement
• Cleaning the rifle
• AR assembly
• Cleaning tools and products
• Proper lubrication

Methods of instruction: Classroom Instruction/Hands on with your AR rifle

Time of course: 4 Hrs

Prerequisite: None

Minimum number of students needed to run class: 8-15

Course Cost: $100.00 deposit upon enrollment. This includes a certificate of completion. Instructor is a Certified Colt Armorer.

Need a minimum of 8 people to run this course….go to the link and secure your spot. I will confirm course will run on the 25th March. I will need deposit asap to confirm class and payment in full before class starts. if you have any problem let us know; to work it out. So tell your friends. BSTA

Black Skull Tactical first published article on McGlock Triggers


McGlock9 By: Clint Hoover         

Photography Provided By: Nathan Luduc and McGlock Precision Components LLC

          Glock has improved its dynamic firearm into a Twenty-first Century masterpiece. The firearm has many things going for it, to include: slimmer grip, double spring system, interchangeable back straps, aggressive texturing. I recall my first exposure to the Glock sidearm in the Special Forces Weapons Sgt. course at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. During our weapons training we studied hundreds of weapons and few of those really set the standard for simplicity, durability, and consistency. Glock was one of the upper tier weapons and the pistol has been one of my weapons of choice ever since. While I typically try to keep to my weapons training programs as close to ‘out of the box’ as possible, I have constantly sought to raise the bar, while shooting my personally owned Glocks (I own a quit a few), and two Glock 17s, one being a Gen 3 as a backup and a Gen 4 for a primary Training sidearm.  

          Let’s talk fundamentals. As a tactical firearms instructor, I tell students three of the seven fundamentals are non-negotiable: Sight alignment, sight picture, and above all – trigger control. The problem with the standard Glock trigger pull is that the trigger collapses when the firing pin is released causing a ‘jerk’ at the most critical point in the trigger stop. To mitigate the problem of that chunky trigger, Jim, John & Ken McNally have perfected the McNally drop in trigger assembly.

          Jim McNally and the McNally family are experts in competitive shooting. Jim McNally was a Combat Sniper in Vietnam, a two-time Olympian shooter, and a former Law Enforcement Sales Manager at Glock. John McNally, Jim’s son, is a former Army Ranger and five-time Olympian shooter, a District Manager for Glock, Inc. for eleven years. Ken McNally, also Jim Son, was a World Champion and Pan Am Games Gold medalist. The entire family was Glock converts, but agreed that they wanted a better trigger pull for the Glock. Their vision is now a reality.

           Here’s how the McNally assembly works. McNally triggers incorporate a forward travel and a trigger stop within the shoe that can be adjusted. In order to make specific adjustments to the slide, you need to gain access to the adjustment screws. One of the benefits from this is that the Glock does not have to be completely dissembled to make these adjustments. The trigger does not stop at the trigger mechanism housing like most after market kits. The trigger group has duel adjustment points for forward and rear travel which allow a set trigger for optimal release and reset during the firing cycle.

 McGlock8McGlock3McGlock8   McGlock8McGlock4

McGlock8            I’m also a certified Glock armorer and like the fact that the McNally trigger comes preset for ease of installation and true ‘Drop in’ convenience. The trigger group comes with installation instructions that are easy to follow and understand. I had no problems at all. As we know, Glocks are accurate right out of the box, but this trigger assembly enhances accuracy on follow up shots, yet still keeps safeties intact, as well.

          After removing your standard 5.5 lb Glock trigger group and installing the McNally trigger, shooting has a very different feel. With the standard Glock trigger, the ‘Snap’ is visible in the trigger as it travels rearward. This will have a significant impact on an unseasoned shooter, who will lose proper sight alignment and sight picture, causing a very sporadic grouping and unintended terminal effect. The McNally trigger is approximately a 4.0 lb trigger; the break of the trigger movement rearward is much smoother. It also has less rearward travel, noticeable in the trigger reset. The drop in trigger group allows the Glock owner to have adjustment capabilities for over-travel and return-travel. Overall, it’s a very comfortable, smooth, flat and wide trigger shoe.


So let’s recap: Less trigger travel, lighter trigger, shorter reset, comfortable trigger shoe and uncompromising safety.

    If you are looking to improve your accuracy, a serious shooter should look into a drop in trigger group long before spending the money on a pair of sites. This is where you are going to make your money. As a former US Army Special Forces Weapons instructor (Green Beret) and instructional firearms business owner, I have personally fired hundreds of thousands of rounds through hundreds of weapons and I recommend this product. I have stood in front of thousands of students and examined the fundamentals of shooting. An improved trigger will equal better shooting for 95% of serious firearms enthusiasts.


     Seek self-improvement, be a protector of your 2nd Amendment rights, and enjoy your time on the range.

For info about McNally (McGlock) Triggers go to: and be sure to tell them Tactical Milsim Magazine sent you.

Black Skull Tactical using First Spear Gear

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