Hosting a Class

If you don’t feel you can come to one of my classes or feel you can’t make the trip to one of the Locations I have already planned, you may choose to “Host” a class. The way it works is like this:

1. The “Host” is a local shooter or range that would like to bring me into their area. This person or organization supplies the range or rents one. Fills the class with Students, and collects the tuition money for the class. The “Host” coordinates training time/schedule and works with me to provide the best training event possible, dependant on instructor & host efforts and local interest.

Instructor, will bring tactical training period of instruction (POI) supply host with coordinating instruction for training equipment requirements and anything else class related I need that is class specific. I show up, teach the class, and receive payment from the “Host”. If the host does his math well, he will make a little for his efforts and coordination. Instructor and host work jointly on a “Memorandum of Agreement” for training event.

A typical scenario looks like this, you decide to be a “Host”, and you call up a few friends or local shooters and advertise the class. You sell 20 slots (Maximum) depending on the area as few as 10 slots at $150 per (per day) student for a BSTA course. We agree on a weekend to schedule and host schedules an appropriate non public training area or range and rent or secure the time slot. You receive $3000 and with that money you pay for the range, my travel, my room and my fee. You keep the remaining whatever it may be. You as the host will come off with about $500 if you find a good range for a good price. This may work for you because you get to have the class in your location and not only do it for free, but get some money for your efforts. If you would like to host a class please head over to the contact page and send us a message.