Military Training Information

Black Skull Tactical Applications LLC offers realistic combat focused training in all areas of Modern Warfare and Tactical Applications. Our tactics and training techniques are combat proven and are currently being used in the United States Army and United States Special Operations Command. Today’s threats are ever changing and require an asymmetric approach to training.
Our Instructors have been deployed in multiple combat theaters and realize what is important and relevant in training. We train in established principles and highlight effective techniques to accomplish the mission. With nearly 50 years of combined tactical training experience we can quickly enhance your agencies or personal capabilities.

We offer a practical approach to training. Our tactical exercises are challenging and realistic. Student in any of our courses will greatly improve their skills and tactical knowledge.

Black Skull Tactical Applications primarily works with:
Department of Defense
Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement
Military Contractors
Organizations that have offensive & defensive tactical needs and requirements.

All BSTA courses can be curtailed to your organizations requirements. Our courses can be combined, shortened or lengthened to facilitate you or your units reaching its necessary Tactical Capabilities.

We are a Mobile Training Team/Unit (MTT/U); and can come to your area of responsibility or training facility. We deliver quality organized training with a fresh perspective. This allows your organization to focus on training objectives & tasks rather than planning, coordination and logistics.

The Elite Train hard, Train to standard; so others may live.

“To Protect and Serve”

“Sua Sponte”

“De oppresso liber”

“Nous’ Defions”