CPT. Will Morris

I have served with Clint Hoover on active military duty and have known him for the past 6 years. In that time, Clint has proven to me time and time again that he is the single most gifted tactical firearms instructor I have come across in my 9 years of military service.
It was my recommendation to the Commander of 3rd Battalion, 509th Infantry (Airborne) to bring Clint & Black Skull Tactical Applications to Fort Richardson, AK to conduct a two week training course on Close Quarters Marksmanship (CQM) and Close Quarters Battle (CQB).
Clint’s task was daunting. In two weeks time, he was asked to train 60 paratroopers, of varying levels of skill and still fresh off a yearlong deployment to Afghanistan, in CQM and CQB, and to bring each paratrooper to a level of proficiency in which they could bring their newly acquired skills and knowledge back to their platoons to serve as instructors for the rest of the Battalion.
To make the task even more challenging, we asked Clint to do this during an Alaskan winter with temperatures dipping below -20 degrees on some days. What Clint did with those 60 paratroopers was nothing short of remarkable.
Clearly; Clint’s Special Operation background serves his ability to train at any time, under any conditions, all skill levels, simultaneously and bring each student to a similar level of skill by the end of the training. Against an almost overwhelming litany of logistical setbacks in trying to bring Clint and Black Skull Tactical to Alaska; he was able to single handedly develop, coordinate, and execute a world class, comprehensive tactical weapons shooting program in an austere environment that was overwhelmingly praised by the Battalion Command Team and Soldiers alike.
In fact, the only critique that was shared among all 60 trainees was that the two week training course should have been extended to several months. Which is in my opinion, the characteristic which sets him above all other instructors I have known.
Whether you are looking to improve some basic firearm skills, or if you are a military or law enforcement agency looking for an expert trainer to bring already trained individuals to the next level in their shooting, you don’t need to look any further than Clint Hoover & Black Skull Tactical Applications.

David Rooney
Owner of Tactical Rifles Inc.

 In the last 25 years of my combined military and civilian firearms experience, I have yet to come across an instructor as competent as Clint Hoover. He has an uncanny ability to intuitively assess the abilities of the students and move at exactly the correct pace for the chosen audience. His teaching technique reveal many years of proven field experience and students at any tactical level can gain much from time spent with Clint at Black Skull Tactical Applications. You can either learn little from the internet from the comfort of your armchair, or spend a few days with Clint and change your tactical perception for your lifetime.

Pete Dernbach

Very specific thanks go out to Clint Hoover. I know that I gained a great deal of knowledge and confidence in long distance shooting that was lacking prior to your instruction. Thanks once again for taking time out of your busy schedules to provide us “rooks” with some much appreciated pointers. I look forward to the opportunity of additional training from a professional such as you. Most importantly though, thank you for serving your country, helping to provide and secure the freedoms that we all take for granted much too often.

Chanelle Santana and Grant Shymske

Clint Hoover displayed consummate skill and knowledge of weapons training and employment. He communicated his lessons in plain language that both engaged and intrigued students making the class perfect for all experience levels. Clint’s teaching style gets the point across without any macho posturing or ridiculous hostile language so often seen in such ‘manly’ activities. This allowed every class’s message to be presented in a professional and mature manner with no compromises made for gender or disposition. His instruction made great strides to reducing the fear associated with firearm use and handling which is crucial for competent employment of one’s weapon systems. All in all it was a terrific experience and we recommend it to anyone who seeks to improve!

Deidre Garcia

I recently took the Introduction to Firearms for Women Course with Clint Hoover & Black Skull Tactical Applications. It was awesome! Never fired a gun before and Clint made it fun and I learned so much. Safety, gun laws, technique etc. I am hooked, can’t wait for the next class! On my way to becoming a badass.

Keith Brown

Clint provided instruction to my son, (19), on carbine handling, operation, tactics, and maintenance. He has extensive real world military experience matched with great instructional ability – Clint immediately adjusted the content to my son’s prior experience. The focus is on safety first, without compromise or cutting corners. From there, Clint is able to move the student forward at a rapid pace. I was very impressed with the balance of theory, tactics, operation, and wisdom delivered with a spirit of integrity, honesty and humility – and at very reasonable rates.

Jim Moore- Sergeant USANG – 09/18/13   

Clint, my compliments to you and Black Skull Tactical on the Tactical Carbine training you provided at Bold Quest 13. As an instructor you are a consummate professional, the training was vastly educational and dynamic. In a short time you were able to take a large group of guys and begin to undo the “Static Range” approach to marksmanship the military has taken for decades. Combat is a dynamic environment. If we fight the way we train, then we need to take a more functional approach to marksmanship training as well. Many of those soldiers get it now. I think you have, not only, provided great training for today’s Soldiers, but, you have also laid a foundation for our future leadership to provide the best training for their Soldiers…

David Smith

Clint, I just wanted to follow up our two days on the range for Tactical Pistol & Carbine Training with a very genuine “Thank You!” for all you put into the course. Not only did we cover a wide variety of structured elements, it was done in such a unique and fast paced way, it kept us focused and on task all the way through. Your skill as both a leader and qualified instructor came through at every turn. You were both knowledgeable and generous as you provided instruction and answered all questions. I came, not quite sure of what to expect, and left with great satisfaction that I received a super return on my investment. I am now a better and safer shooter with a very clear idea of how to practice to continue to improve. Also, it was great fun just watching you work the course. Amazing! I will train with you and Black Skull Tactical Applications again. Thank you and Thanks for Your Service

Mike & Stephanie Granger

Mike and I had about 5 hours total experience handling pistols when we attended private lessons with Black Skull Tactical. The training we received was customized perfectly for our beginner level of experience. I was a little anxious leading up to the lessons because I felt pretty inadequate with my abilities. Both Mike and I appreciate that you worked with us at our own level and did not pressure us beyond our comfort level. Both of us learned a great deal and now plan on continuing building our skills with the knowledge we received. We look forward to practicing the skills you taught us and we hope to work with you again soon.

Jeff Witherly- US Air Force

I’ve been in the Air Force for 14 years and due to my aircrew career field, I am directed to carry and conceal an M-9. The Air Force trusts me with this weapon but only allows me to qualify on it once every 2 years. That’s hardly qualified and definitely not proficient. Last year, I took a course with Clinton and today I shot expert for the first time in 14 years. Thanks BSTA for the confidence.

Thomas Redd –Dec 7, 2012

The weather was perfect for a day at the range in East Alabama. I met Clint for the first time and immediately knew this was going to be a good day. Tactical rifle courses are few and far between so I was happy to find I made a good choice of a one day course with Black Skull Tactical Applications. We spent the morning going over equipment and maintenance. Even though I am a IPSC competitor with 25 years of experience I learned quite a bit from Clint in a down to earth and fast paced setting. On to the 100 meter range was informative, fast paced and fun.

We broke for lunch and moved to a 50 meter pit. This is where it really got good.  Clint set up a course that was very much reality based with a few new twist and a variety of shooting disciplines. We spent the afternoon working through this with lots of rounds down range and a healthy dose of mentoring in a friendly and encouraging style. I would definitely recommend BSTA and time allowing I would go again for the extended course.